About us

Reason for giving this name:always approach the kitchen when I’m making Hong Kong style onion pork chop

Zodiac signScorpius
Birthday Early November

Skillsets:loves playing ball games &
‘hunting’ toys
Our first superstar at Cats 1st Uk – Chop-chop. She’s a local breed of Hong Kong Domestic Shorthair colloquially known as ‘moggie’ in both the UK & Hong Kong.

This breed of cats is well-known for its great vitality, yet gentle in Hong Kong and it symbolises the tenacity and adaptability of Hongkongers as well as their eagerness to help the people in need.

With the political unrest and exodus taking place in Hong Kong since 2019, there has been a huge dispersion of Hongkongers across the world. Among those have emigrated to the UK with their much-loved cats, and those who are pet lovers in local, we are finding market niche specially Japan fans!

We provide a great selection of high-quality cat products imported from Japan. We truly believe these innovative products would continue to satisfy the curiosity and playful side of your beloved cats, bringing you a daily dose of ‘paw-sitive’ vibes to your family!

Cats 1st UK wishing you all “Atop the Stork Pavilion” ! ~ Song Poems from WANG Zhihuan