Made in Japan Unicharm Deo Toilet



Unicharm Deo Toilet ~ Three major advantages:

  1. Powerful deodorizing - double layer + high wall design
  2. Dust-free cat litter - keep the environment clean
  3. Easy maintenance and no extra cleaning jobs - change the pee pad only once a week and change the cat litter once a month

Resolve and reduce troubles caused by cat toileting. Cat lover can enjoy a much comfortable life with your cat.


Deo toilet set is designing with super deodorizing function:

  • The upper shelf is dedicated to cat litter, and the urine quickly penetrates through the cat litter surface
  • Unicharm special cat pee pad for the lower shelf, quickly absorbs odour and urine
  • The bottom tray can be used either in both ends in order to use up completely for the absorption space of the urine pad



  • Origin: Designed and Made in Japan
  • Materials: Polyolefin, nonwoven polyester fabric, fluff pulp, absorbent paper, super absorbent polymer, polyethylene film, antibacterial agent, hot-melt adhesive and microcapsules containing deodorant.
  • Cat litter bin material: Polypropylene/ Cat litter
  • Size: 42*54*H26cm
  • Entrance height: 15cm
  • Max Cat Weight : 8kg or below
  • Suitable for cats in all ages
Product Type: Homeware - 猫の家庭用品
Brand: Unicharm

Made in Japan Unicharm Deo Toilet

Deo Toilet sand quickly wicks urine for powerful absorption by the absorbent sheet, capable of holding the quantity of urine for one week.

Powerful odor control keeps the room free of odor for one week, even without ventilation. Create a Japan stylish design where color that match the interior of your home.

The lower layer is a sheet containing silver ions, which suppresses 99.9%of odor-causing bacteria.

No odor for a whole week. When Deo-Toilet is used by one cat (weighing 8kg or less). Feces must be removed quickly.

The upper layer uses water-repellent sand, so the structure does not leave pee stains on the sand surface.

Replace the sheet once a week and the litter sand once a month for easy maintenance

Unicharm Deo Toilet

A set of litter bin with hood cover

Deo Toilet upper part

Deo Toilet lower part

litter scoop

litter 2L

4pcs pee pad

Unicharm deodorant, antibacterial, dust-free special cat litter

~ 2L can be used for one month

  • Unicharm cat litter using deodorant material zeolite, high wall design, anti-odour.
  • A small amount of urine remaining on the surface of cat litter will be absorbed, keeping it dry and inhibiting odour.
  • Non-consumable, no need to add litter for the whole month.
  • The size of the cat litter will not easy caught in the paw of the cat's feet to mess up the area around.

Unicharm cat pee pad

~ 1pc per week without replacement

  • Deodorant, antibacterial, super absorbent for usage. Contains polymer absorbent resin, fragrance deodorant particles, and anti-odours by using antibacterial agents to coagulate urine into a jelly.
  • Pee pad is in color white. Checking on cat’s health status easily by observe the cat's urine color every day. It is recommended to check up as soon as possible if found any abnormalizes in the cat’s urine.
  • Unicharm Deo Toilet is absolutely easy care and user friendly.
  • Use a special cat litter shovel to remove the faeces, it’s saving time and convenience.

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