Petio Nekomachi Harness & Lead Set - Cats1stUK
Petio Nekomachi Harness & Lead Set - Cats1stUK
Petio Nekomachi Harness & Lead Set - Cats1stUK

Petio Nekomachi Harness & Lead Set


  • A stylish cat harness lead set with a Japanese-style taste.
  • It comes with an adjustable clip for easy fitting by simply lowering the adjustment clip.
  • Reflective bell attached.
  • For all cat breeds up to 7kg


  • Origin : Designed in Japan. Made in China
  • Material:
    • Lead: 1cm x 100-130cm
    • Neck Circumference: 15-40cm
    • Body Circumference: 20-50cm

Note: The length may vary depending on the size of the body.

Product Type: Accessories - 付属品
Brand: Petio
Color: Set Blue

Instructions for Use:

  • Confirm that the buckle side is at the back, spread the tape, and unfasten the buckle.
  • Pass the collar side over the head, threading it slightly below the cat's neck.
  • Firmly fasten the buckle at the back of the front leg joint until it clicks.
  • Ensure there is no gap at the leg joint.
  • Use the adjustment clip to gather the tape to prevent sagging.
  • Be cautious not to tighten too much.
  • Adjust with the loop and tidy up any slack in the tape.
  • Hold the lead firmly in hand and use it.

• Precautions for Use:

  • Do not use for animals other than cats.
  • Depending on the material, the cat may shrink its neck if scratched, so regularly inspect it. Discontinue use immediately if there are abnormalities in the cat.
  • For accident prevention, do not use on cats other than those within the specified size and weight range. Purchase the product only after thoroughly understanding the cat's behavior.
  • Use this product for walking purposes only. Do not use it for restraining the cat in one place, as it may lead to accidents if the cat escapes.
  • Fit the product to allow about 2-3 fingers to enter. Regularly check if it is not too tight.
  • If the cat dislikes it, do not force it to use.
  • If used by a child, ensure that an adult is present.
  • This product is consumable, so inspect it before use, and replace it with a new product around 6 months or when signs of wear, fraying, cracks, etc., become noticeable.
  • When wearing, securely fasten the buckle until it clicks.
  • Some products may cause color fading when wet. If wet, wipe it with a towel and dry it in the shade. Do not dry it with heating appliances.
  • Do not use or store near open flames or moisture.
  • Store in a place inaccessible to infants, children, and pets.

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