CattyMan Cat Massage Hair Brush - Cats1stUK
CattyMan Cat Massage Hair Brush - Cats1stUK

CattyMan Cat Massage Hair Brush

Spoil your cats with a pampering experience that combines grooming with a gentle massage! This innovative cat massager & grooming brush offers the ultimate in relaxation and care.

  • Mimics Natural Grooming: The brush surface is specially designed to resemble the texture of a cat's tongue, providing a gentle massaging sensation that mimics the feeling of being groomed by another cat. This promotes relaxation and a sense of calm in your feline friend.
  • Convenient & Space-Saving: The self-standing design allows for easy storage and access whenever your cat needs a pampering session.
  • Versatility for Sensitive Areas: The gentle bristles make this brush suitable for grooming even sensitive areas like the belly and head, promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being for your cat.


  • Origin: Designed and Made in Japan
  • Dimension: H22cm x W6.5cm
Product Type: Care products - 手入れ·ケア
Brand: CattyMan

How to use

  1. Using gentle action
  2. Start from the neck, from the neck to the shoulders
  3. Comb the head, the limbs and the tail last
  4. The brushing stroke should be quick and follow the direction of the hair
  • For pets with soft, long or messy hair, we recommend loosen the hair first
  • As hair stuck while brushing can frighten the cat
  • Please clean up the hair after each use.

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