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Japan COMET Matatabi Catnip Powder 3.5g

Unleash the Fun with Pure Japanese Catnip Powder! Engage your cat's natural playful side with our natural Japanese Catnip.

  • 100% Natural, High-Purity Extract: Made from finely ground leaves of the Japanese and East Asian Polygonaceae plant, this catnip powder delivers concentrated enjoyment without artificial additives.
  • Euphoric Effects: Sprinkle this powder on scratching posts, toys, or even a designated play area to trigger happy reactions in your cat, including rolling, licking, and increased playfulness.
  • Mood Booster & Stress Relief: Catnip can help alleviate boredom and enhance appetite in cats, encouraging positive interactions with their environment and promoting a sense of well-being.
  • Safe & Effective: Our catnip powder is free from preservatives and chemicals, making it a safe and enjoyable way to enrich your cat's life.


  • Three times a day, shake about 2-3 times each time.
  • It can be added to food, or eaten directly with hands, or sprinkled on cat scratchers. 


  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Content: Matatabi (Catnip)
  • Weight : 3.5gram
Product Type: Catnip - またたび
Brand: COMET

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