Japan Necoichi Best Selling Stress Free Cat Nail Clippers

Effortless Cat Nail Trims with Necoichi Purrcision Cat Nail Clippers!
Ranked #1 in Japanese cat nail care sales, Necoichi Purrcision Clippers make trimming your feline friend's claws a stress-free experience.

Sharp, Precise Cuts:

  • Ultra-Thin Blades: Made from high-quality Japanese stainless steel, these 0.06-inch (1.5mm) blades are 30% thinner than most clippers for smooth, precise cuts that prevent cracked nails.
  • Long-Lasting Sharpness: The superior steel ensures these clippers stay sharp for longer, reducing the need for replacements. 

Comfortable & Secure Trimming:

  • Non-Slip Grip: The cushioned handles provide a comfortable grip for both left and right-handed users, ensuring control and accuracy during trimming.
  • Universal Design: These clippers are suitable for all hand sizes, both right and left handed, making them easy to use for everyone.

Stylish & Functional:

  • Adorable Design: Featuring a cute paw print and cat head design, these clippers add a touch of fun to your cat's grooming routine. 


  • Origin: Designed and Made in Japan
  • Dimensions (cm) : L5.8* W9.6* H1
  • Weight: 30gm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material : ABS, Elastomer



  • Do not use for purposes other than trimming cat nails
  • This product has sharp knife blades. Care should be taken while handling sharp tools.
  • Please keep it out of reach of children and pets.
  • Please wipe with a dry cloth to prevent the blade from rusting due to water moisture
  • Do not apply oil or liquid to the handles to prevent material deterioration or damage
Product Type: Care products - 手入れ·ケア
Brand: Necoichi

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