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LION Cat Cleansing Foam (Dry Shampoo)

Give your kitty a spa treatment with this gentle cat cleansing foam! This cat dry shampoo effectively removes dirt and odors without a bath, leaving your kitty fresh and happy.

  • Effortless Cleanliness: Simply apply the foam and wipe – no water, no mess, just purrfectly clean fur.
  • Senior cats or those with delicate health: Gentler alternative to bathing, promoting comfort and hygiene.
  • Powerful Formula: Removes dirt, odors, and loose hair gently and effectively, leaving your cat smelling fresh.
  • Food-Grade Safety: Made with food-grade ingredients and free from fragrances, ensuring it's safe even if your cat licks it.
  • Healthy & Moisturizing: Plant extracts hydrate and nourish fur, leaving it soft, smooth, and healthy.
  • Enhanced Grooming: For ultimate pampering, combine with the LION Cat Tongue Shape Massage Brush (sold separately) for a spa-like experience.
  • Busy pet parents: Convenient cat cleansing foam saves time and keeps your feline friend feeling fresh between baths.


  • Origin : Designed and Made in Japan
  • Liquid Ingredients: Water, Ethanol, Detergent, Preservative, Fur protectant, pH adjuster, Sugarcane extract
  • Capacity: 150ml
  • Weight: 209g
Product Type: Care products - 手入れ·ケア
Brand: LION

Highly recommended use together with the brand series

LION Cat Tongue Shape Massage Brush

(can be sold separately) to achieve a better and cleaner grooming effect, making cats like cleaning with cat tongue own feelings.



  1. Take an appropriate amount of foam and apply it directly to the pet's parts that need to be cleaned (feet, buttocks...), or apply it to towels, paper towels or toilet paper.
  2. Wipe directly
  3. No need to rinse. It becomes clean immediately after wiping
  • Safe for pets to use
  • The product is non-toxic
  • Contains moisturizing collagen ingredients
  • This product is low acid, no colouring, no fragrance, no extra preservatives


  • Please do not use it other than pet cleaning purposes.
  • Please do not use it when skin has an abnormality.
  • Please do not use it on the mucous membrane surface of the oral cavity and ear cavity.
  • Please do not use when found abnormality and consult with a veterinarian.
  • Keep out of reach of infants.

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