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Mamacook Freeze-dried Breast Meat & Liver Mixed Treats


Spoil your cat with the taste of Japan! Mamacook Freeze-Dried Chicken Treats are purrfectly healthy and delicious.

  • Real, Whole Food Ingredients: Made with 100% Japanese chicken breast and liver, freeze-dried to lock in natural flavours and nutrients.
  • No Additives or Preservatives: Mamacook uses only the finest ingredients, free from artificial colours, flavours, and fillers.
  • Gentle Processing: Freeze-drying preserves the raw ingredients' natural goodness, ensuring your cat gets a healthy and delicious treat.
  • Picky Eater Approved: The irresistible taste of real chicken makes these treats a hit with even the finickiest felines. 


  • Origin: Designed and Made in Japan
  • Main Ingredient: Chicken & Chicken Liver
  • Weight: 18 grams

Nutrition Informations:

  • Crude Protein : Not less than 86.4%
  • Crude Fat : Not less than 8%
  • Crude Fiber : 0%
  • Crude Ash : Not more than 4.7%
  • Crude Moisture : Not more than 0.9%
  • Calories (per 100g) : 418 kcal


Recommended Maximum Daily Intake (Weight/Portion):

Weight Portion
kitten~2kg ~2g
2~5kg 2g~6g
5kg~ 6g~
Product Type: Treats - おやつ
Brand: Mamacook



Snack Guidelines

When can you give your cat Mamacook snacks?

  • To reward your pet.
  • When your pet is not eating regular food, such as when they are sick or anxious.
  • When your pet is not drinking water.
  • When your pet cannot eat dry food.
  • When your pet refuses to take medicine.

Snack Handling:

  • Please use scissors to cut the snacks into appropriate sizes for your pet to chew, to avoid choking.
  • You can also crush the snacks into fine powder and sprinkle it over your pet's food, as even uncomfortable or picky pets may happily eat it.
  • For pets who prefer moist food, you can add water to the food. You can also wrap medicine with rehydrated freeze-dried food, and your pet may be willing to take medicine they don't like.
  • Please note that rehydrated freeze-dried products cannot be stored at room temperature, so please consume them promptly.

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