Petio Cactus Scratching Pillar

Get this cactus scratching pillar for your cat's gentling scratching!

  • Gentle on Delicate Paws: Made with a unique blend of cotton and polyester fibres, this post offers a smoother and softer texture compared to traditional scratching surfaces. It pampers your cat's paws while satisfying their natural scratching instincts.
  • Adjustable Height for Comfort: This cactus-shaped post allows you to customise the height to perfectly suit your cat's size and scratching preferences, ensuring comfortable paw placement and encouraging healthy stretching.
  • Reduced Shedding & Mess: The innovative fibre blend minimises shedding, scratching, and fur debris, keeping your home cleaner for longer.
  • Playful Enrichment: The post features a built-in tinkling sound when touched, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to your cat's scratching sessions.
  • Durable & Long-lasting: Made with high-quality materials, this post is built to withstand even the most enthusiastic scratching, providing your cat with a long-lasting source of entertainment and paw care.


  • Origin: Designed in Japan. Made in China
  • Material:
    • Scratcher: Paper, Polyester Fiber, Cotton
    • Board: Synthetic Resin, Polyester Fiber
  • Dimensions: Length 31cm x Width 21cm x Height 46cm
  • Weight: 1.25kg
  • Suitable for adult and senior cats.
Product Type: Homeware - 猫の家庭用品
Brand: Petio

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