Nyanta Club Enlarged Scratcher Bed in Pink - Cats1stUK
Nyanta Club Enlarged Scratcher Bed in Pink - Cats1stUK

Nyanta Club Enlarged Scratcher Bed in Pink


Satisfy your cat's scratching and napping needs with the all-in-one Catnip Scratcher Bed! This multi-functional design combines a cozy bed with a durable scratching surface, providing the purrfect playground for cats.


  • Scratching Satisfaction: The PP carpet material caters to your cat's scratching instincts, helping to protect your furniture.
  • Comfy & Secure: The plush, pot-shaped bed creates a safe and inviting haven for your cat to relax and unwind.
  • Non-Slip Design: The coating base prevents the bed from sliding around, keeping playtime safe and stable.
  • Catnip-Infused Fun: The included catnip entices your cat to engage with the bed, encouraging scratching and playful exploration.
  • Large & Spacious: This generously sized bed is ideal for larger cats, providing ample room to stretch out and snooze.
  • Easy Cleaning: The bed can be easily cleaned with water, making maintenance a breeze. 


  • Origin: Designed in Japan. Made in China



  • Surface: PP Carpet
  • Bottom: T.P.R
  • Size (mm): W450 x D450 x H55
Product Type: Toys - おもちゃ
Brand: Nyanta Club

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