Japan Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher Tower

The popular Cozy Cat Scratcher Bowl is making its grand debut as a double decker tower!



  • Necoichi’s Cozy Cat Scratcher Bowl is known for its comfortable concave fit that is perfect for cats to curl up in, or use as a scratcher. This scratcher is now available as a double decker tower!
  • Eco idea with cardboard made from 100% recycled paper (10% of which is pulp from New Zealand). We have taken lengths to ensure we use the finest materials for your cat’s comfort and safety.
  • Scratcher bowls are made from cardboard wound into a round shape. Because fine grain cardboard has been used, it makes for an even better scratching experience for your cat, in addition to being long-lasting and creating less paper scratch waste to clean up.
  • All adhesives are plant-based and free from any chemicals that could be harmful to your cat.
  • This tower can be used in single cat homes or simultaneously by two cats, and your cat can choose which level they want to snooze in.
  • Scratcher bowl pads are both reversible and refillable, as well as space saving
  • The scratcher pads are identical to those used in the Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher Bowl, and in addition to being reversible, they can be easily replaced by purchasing the “Cozy Cat Scratcher Bowl Replacement Pad 2P” set, so your cat can get long use out of the tower.
  • This tower can also be used in place of two cat beds or scratchers, which is great for saving space around the home.
  • The simple and stylish wood print paneling makes it blend with any home interior.
  • The entire tower is also a scratcher. The beds aren’t the only scratchers—the inner and outer cardboard edges of the tower frame are also perfect for cats who love to stretch while they scratch, whether standing or while they relax inside their scratcher bowl. All available space is utilized to make a multi-surface scratcher your cat will love.



  • Origin: Designed in Japan. Made in China
  • Dimensions (cm):L52* W52* H59
  • Weight: 5.51 Pounds
  • Materials: Cardboard
Product Type: Homeware - 猫の家庭用品
Brand: Necoichi

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