LION PETKISS Teeth Cleaning Snacks for Cats - Small Dried Fish

Cats need to brush their teeth like humans!

Many cats don't like to brush their teeth, but you can do the best having their teeth cleaned, we recommend the "Dental Cleaning Treats".



  • Brush teeth by chewing on your cat's favourite material-based treat.
  • Cat's favourite "little fish" – “niboshi” can be chewed as oral care and brushed as a treat.
  • The secret is "Brushing Scrub* (Fine Silica)" which removes plaque by biting into the spaces between the teeth.
  • Contains sodium pyrophosphate and polylysine.
  • Small dried fish for Japan domestic production.



  • Origin: Designed and Made in Japan
  • Ingredients: Dried Sardines, Thickening Stabilizer (Sodium Alginate), Sodium Pyrophosphate, Fine Silica, Polylysine
    • Protein 55.0% or more
    • Lipid 3.0% or more
    • Crude Fiber 1.2% or less
    • Minerals 16.0% or less
    • Moisture 18.0% or less
    • Approximately 267 calories per 100 grams
  • Weight : 12gm
Product Type: Treats - おやつ
Brand: LION


This product is a snack for cats, it is not food for humans.

For the sake of safety, when children feed the cat, adults should be present to ensure safety. Please pay attention to the placement to prevent infants and dementia patients from eating by mistake。

Due to the use of natural raw materials, there may be slight differences in color, shape, smell, and hardness, but there is no quality problem.

Oxygen scavenger is to maintain its deliciousness, but it is not edible. There is white powder on the surface of this product, but this does not affect the quality. Although this product has undergone strict screening, in rare cases, seafood other than sardines may be included.

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